About Us

We’re the Staff Training Company.

If you are looking for the same training and support you had before, you’re looking in the wrong place. We don’t believe in ‘event’ training, we believe in ‘process’ training.

We are different

We won’t sell you a training course without support. In fact we insist.

Event training means you pay your money and you get a training course.

Process training means you pay probably less money and get;

  • A training course
  • A 24/7 advice line to answer any safeguarding or physical intervention questions or concerns
  • Access to a suite of elearning courses that you can tailor to your needs
  • Regular updates via webinars/newsletters/emails whichever you prefer

With process training you are trained AND supported throughout the year and you can demonstrate ongoing CPD.

Quality? Our courses are engaging, activity led and delivered by fully qualified people with real world subject experience. No boring PowerPoints, No old fashioned ‘chalk and talk’ just innovative, delegate based, creative training.

Knowledge that is instantly transferrable to the workplace and embedded by full support.

Consider this, how much do you remember from your last training course and how much of the content was of real practical use?

Time for a change? Contact us now, we are here to help, not once but always.