Safeguarding for Parents eLearning launched

Safeguarding for Parents – eLearning Course is launched.

Our courses are designed to meet and exceed the needs of the workplace, home, places of education – in short, wherever it is required. On some occasions, our courses must be delivered face to face – this means there is greater understanding between you and us, and we can address any specific areas of concern.

However, we appreciate people and companies are busy, that’s why we’ve developed some courses as eLearning – meaning people can access and learn from wherever they want, whenever they want.

How our courses are structured

Let’s look at an example of how our courses are structured, in this case, using our Parent Safeguarding course.

We’ve used simple terms, so we don’t confuse the purpose,  Safeguarding for Parents

  • The time we suggest this will take to complete and understand fully is around 30 minutes.
  • It is appropriate for staff training, as well as individual training.
  • It is an eLearning  module, meaning the lesson is completed online.

Discover Safeguarding for Parents and our other eLearning courses by clicking here.