Positive Handling Training

We understand that every school and care provider is different and has unique and changing needs. This is why we offer a fully tailored training and support service all for one affordable price.

Positive handling can be an emotive subject. Our highly trained and experienced staff will listen to you to fully understand your school or care setting. We will understand your needs and requirements and following a risk management process, design a course that will provide rapid solutions and legal compliance and provide the very best value for money.

Our goal is to empower staff with both the knowledge and skills that dramatically reduce the need for positive handling. Where positive handling is needed the ‘positive’ aspect provides opportunities to ensure the best possible outcomes for pupils and staff members in both the short and long term.

Our positive handling training begins with theory delivery via eLearning. Not only is this the most suitable medium for this aspect of the training but it also reduces time away from the workplace and staff can re-visit the eLearning for the entire year to ensure learning is fully embedded.

This is followed, at a convenient time to the client, by a half day positive intervention face to face training event.

This training delivery method coupled with ongoing support ensures that training is embedded, applied and constantly refreshed throughout the year. This is something a single annual training event is unable to do.

Support is provided at no additional cost and takes the form of;

  • 24/7 advice phone line (UK based) Call anytime and as often as you need to discuss any safeguarding/positive handling matters.
  • Periodic updates by email, newsletter or blog.
  • A site visit at an agreed time to discuss any concerns or offer support.

Why only a half day?

  • We don’t duplicate learning. We check understanding of the eLearning material and answer any questions from it but then get on with the job of developing understanding and putting theory into practice.
  • We don’t teach multiple, complex methods that will undoubtedly be forgotten the following day, week or month.
  • We provide sound, proven and practical advice based on legal principals, that have kept children and staff safe for years.

We include at no extra cost training in the use of the Safety Pod™. The only purpose built, therapeutic, positive handling reduction equipment available in the UK.

The first purpose of Staff Training Company positive handling training is that it is never used, which is why we incorporate Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and Conflict Management training as part of the course.

The second aim is that if positive handling is necessary it is used for the shortest possible time to reduce risk to the individual and to the staff member. The Safety Pod™ has been proven to reduce the time spent engaged in positive handling in the most severe settings from an average of 30 minutes to 9 minutes. Our training is designed to reduce that still further.

How long have you been using your current positive handling training provider?

  • A. Has the number of positive handling incidents significantly reduced?
  • B. Has the duration of positive handling incidents reduced?
  • C. Have injuries to staff and individuals reduced as a result of your current positive handling methods?

If the answer to any of these questions was “No”. Your training is not working, you’re wasting your money and you may be legally liable.

You need to break this training cycle. It’s not working, it’s not cost effective and it could leave you liable to prosecution.

We are here to change this. We firmly believe positive handling is a safeguarding issue, not a stand-alone element on the organisation’s training program.

As leaders in the field of safeguarding we want to work with you to reduce the need for positive handling and to help you make your workplace an even safer environment for all.