Blended Learning Reduces Training Costs

At Staff Training Company we firmly believe in providing the highest quality training in the most cost-efficient way for our clients. We understand a balance must be struck between ensuring maximum impact from our training and value for money.
We know some training is best delivered face to face with our clients and some types of training and subject matter lend themselves to eLearning. We have taken this a step further and applied this to courses that have traditionally been taught only by face to face methods.

We have reviewed positive handling training in both the care and educational sectors and we now offer a blended learning approach. We found that the more activity based aspects of the positive handling course need to be delivered in the face to face format, however there is a significant amount of theory based learning on these courses and we saw no reason why this could not be delivered by eLearning. If these training delivery methods were blended this would reduce time away from the work place and cost. The drawback with eLearning is that delegates cannot ask questions or seek clarification from the trainer as in a classroom based setting.

This is where a Staff Training Company core belief comes in – Every problem has a solution. To solve this problem we would offer our clients the option of eLearning via hosted webinar or eLearning supported by access to our subject matter experts via our 24/7 advice line or direct email. Problem solved! Ask as many questions as you wish, seek as much clarification as you need.

Training time reduced, costs reduced, high impact training delivered, client satisfied.

Contact us today to discuss your training needs. Your problem is our solution.